This is a portal to the consensus E.coli metabolic network as reconstructed from the genome sequence and literature. It is a highly annotated metabolic map that is periodically updated by a team of collaborators from various research groups. This effort is ongoing under the leadership of the MCISB and with collaboration with colleagues under the BioPreDyn project.

The first version of this network was released in 2011. We adapted a reconstruction of the metabolic network of E.coli based on genomic and literature data (iJO1366). This reconstruction suffered from the use of non-standard names and from not being annotated with machine-readable methods. Thus we reassembled the reconstruction as an SBML file enriched with MIRIAM-compliant annotations (which are embedded in the SBML through RDF). Small and macro- molecules are referenced to an authoritative database such as Uniprot or ChEBI. Molecules and reactions are also annotated with appropriate publications that contain supporting evidence. Thus this network is entirely traceable and is presented in a computational framework. SBML is a format that is understood by a large number of software applications (see

version date publications
1 November 2011 Orth et al. (2011)
1.1 December 2012 Smallbone (2013)

These SBML representations are provided under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0).

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